The Soul of Man!

When God created man, He wanted man to be like Him: able to think for himself and to make decisions based on his own free will. Once God created Eve, man’s love went from agape love, or love of God, to love of a fellow human being. This caused a flood of other emotions as well, emotions that were more complex and somehow more indefinable than before. To comprehend how this change has affected us, we must take a step back and remember that the Soul is made of three parts—intellect, emotions, and will—and that each part must be understood in and of itself. For, as they say, to understand our present and future, we must go back and understand our beginning. Exploring how we think and use our imagination to build images that help us understand right from wrong.


Edward J. Lee’s self-help guidebook will give you the tools needed to control your thoughts and actions to consistently choose the right path. Exploring the three components of the soul in detail, it discusses how our emotions have the ability to alter the perceptions of real events and how, with a detailed listing of emotions and definitions of each, they can be manipulated to produce positive results. Once done, emotions must then be reintegrated back with the intellect and will, thus ensuring the proper decision that will put you and your actions on the path with the will of God. The first step in reshaping yourself into a better person, Edward J. Lee’s debut is a fascinating and fundamentally sound use of scripture to provide grounding in the nature of the soul and how it best serves Him and us.

Straightforward and accessible, it is as simple as it is profound, forever altering the way you look at yourself and your relationship with God. Illuminating what you need to achieve a new and improved perspective, The Soul of Man helps you understand why you’ve been doing the things you’ve been doing and provides you the tools you need to change that cycle starting today.

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